Prayer AND Works

​From the desk of Pastor Jackson: What is the universal church's responsibility in a world and in countries where mass shootings and killings are increasing in frequency, becoming more commonplace? The Church of Jesus Christ must be an advocate for the safety of all citizens, all human beings. It is a blessing for all law-abiding citizens to have the "Right to bear arms" in our country, the United States of America. This constitutional right and others should not be stretched and interpreted to include privileges and preferences that exceed the basic principles that underlie those rights. The Holy Bible states that the leaders who govern the affairs of the land are God's ministers (Romans 13:1-7). Our elected and appointed leaders are ministers, servants who are charged with ensuring justice, order, and general well-being for the people. It is our Christian and civic duty to address leaders that are failing to ensure justice, order, and general well-being for the people. Our participation in the process must go well beyond prayer. Christian prayer reflects confidence in God AND a responsibility to carry out God's Word. The general public's current legal access to firearms and other materials that exceed an individual's basic need to protect themselves and hunt must be amended. The general public must never lose the right to bear arms. It is a core part of each person's ability to ensure their own safety and protection from tyranny. Wise and common sense changes can and must be made to our laws to help protect lives. Pray AND Act. Contact your legislators and let them know you demand wise, common sense laws, including gun laws, that promote the well-being of the people AND protect our rights. 

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