Get Involved

Loving God and People through Fellowship and Service

The church is an exciting place to GET INVOLVED, grow as a Christian, and make a difference in your family and in someone else's life.

At Dominion, we CONNECT, EMPOWER, and IMPACT.

INVEST your time, talent, abilities, skills, and resources in one or more of the ministry teams listed below.

New Disciples

The New Disciples Ministry team helps new and maturing believers prepare for Christian service and participation in the church and community.
New members/disciples are encouraged to participate integrally in the church and to develop meaningful, positive relationships with other fellow Christians.
This ministry team manages the process of individuals and families becoming active members of Dominion Fellowship Church.
The New Disciples Ministry team is expanding - 
adding group leaders, administrative assistants, and coordinators. Join the team today!


Community Outreach is a primary function of the church. God blesses us to bless others.
The mission of the Outreach Ministry is to be the living embodiment of Matthew 25:35-40, including the provision of food, clothing, housing, and medical assistance referrals to those in need.
Provision of assistance is coordinated through local community partnerships and Dominion outreach initiatives.

We are called to fulfill the mission of the church TOGETHER.
  • Help us reach out to those in need and empower the community.
  • Your participation in this important ministry is essential.
  • CHOOSE OUTREACH - team leaders, activity coordinators, team members, social media managers, and community group participants are needed to fulfill the vision of this ministry. Get started today


The function of the Prayer Ministry is to coordinate the corporate prayer activities of the church body.
Prayer activities include: 
  • thanksgiving (giving of thanks to God in prayer)
  • confession (acknowledgement of sin before God in prayer)
  • repentance (a change of mind in prayer about sin - changing from sinful behavior to holiness) 
  • supplication (submitting petitions/requests to God - personal) 
  • intercession (submitting petitions/requests to God for others) 
  • adoration (offering praise and worship to God in prayer)
  • contemplation (biblical meditation; focus on scripture and listening to God in prayer), and
  • dedication/consecration (prayer of dedication/rededication and sanctification to God).  

This ministry team also manages the church's weekly intercessory prayer conference call:
  • Tuesdays 6:00 am | Conference Call Line (386) 232-9661.

Become a part of this vital ministry team today.

Children (Young Nation)

The function of the Children's Ministry is to assist parents in the spiritual development of children through teaching and training for Godly living. The Children's Ministry is open to children ages 3 - 10.

The Children's Ministry team NEEDS YOU! :-)
Teens and adults are invited to help us launch our 9:30 a.m. Sunday School children's class and 10:30 a.m. Children's Church (to be held on 2nd & 3rd Sundays). Our children ages 3 - 10 want to have fun, learn, and grow as participants in ministry activities that address the developmental needs of children.
We need helpers, teachers, and coordinators ready to serve, grow, and have fun. :-)
Learn more below and join the team today!
Visit our "Resources 4 U" webpage to access fun activities to share the adventure of growing in God with your children. These sites provide games and materials for kids to learn about God's Word and engage in fun activities that are applicable to everyday life.

Youth (Young Nation)

Young Nation @ Dominion
The mission of the Young Nation Youth Ministry is to provide an atmosphere for Tweens and Teens to be effectively introduced to Christianity, worship God, develop as Christians, and minister in a manner that affirms their unique view and approach to Christianity. Young Nation Youth Ministry consists of youth ages 11 to 18.

Young Nation @ Dominion NEEDS YOU!
Join the Young Nation team today!
  • Help us provide Youth Sunday School classes on 2nd and 3rd Sundays beginning at 9:30 a.m. and 
  • Help us coordinate Youth Church sessions (one hour) on 2nd & 3rd Sundays after the 10:30 a.m. Sunday Worship Service.

Young Nation activities also include fellowship activities, pizza & skating parties, community volunteering, and Youth-led Sunday worship services (4th Sundays).

CCM | Young Adults

College & Career Ministry (CCM) 
is the young adult ministry of Dominion Fellowship Church. CCM is open to ADULTS ages 19 to 30+.

Local and visiting young adults are able to connect, share, have fun, and fellowship with each other in an atmosphere that affirms our unique needs and outlook. SPECIAL EVENTS and FUN ACTIVITIES are important parts of the ministry.

The CCM Team NEEDS YOU! :-)
  • Mature young adults and elder adults are invited to help us launch CCM @ Dominion. 
  • We need helpers, group leaders, and coordinators ready to serve, grow, and have fun. :-) 
  • Learn more below and join the team today!

Christian Education Dept.

The Christian Education Department oversees the development and selection of instructors and instructional curriculum to be utilized in the various ministry sectors of Dominion Fellowship Church, including Sunday School, Young Nation, Men’s, and Women’s ministries.

The Department is dedicated to the continual training and development of instructors within the church. The fulfillment of these aims supports the church’s objective to provide quality training and teaching to all members for spiritual development and Godly living.

Become a part of the EXPANSION of the Christian Education Department. 
  • New assistants, teachers, and ministry curriculum coordinators 
  • Ministry webpage and social media coordinators 
  • Tech support workers for Sunday School and other instructional activities
  • Learn more below and join the team today!


The Music Ministry is dedicated to assembling singers, musicians, and worship leaders as worship teams that minister during worship, prayer, and other church activities.

The goal of the Music team is to help bring worshippers in total agreement with God, His Word, His revelation, and service to Him. Worship in Dominion is participatory - music ministry teams and the congregation worship as one.

Join the Music Ministry team today! 
  • your voice, 
  • your raw or developed musical talent, and 
  • your desire to worship Him 
to communicate His Love and The Truth of His Word to the world.


The purpose of the Hospitality Ministry is to provide “courtesy” services to church members as well as guests.
Services provided include:
  • greeting arriving worshippers, 
  • distributing  welcome materials to first time and returning guests,
  • ushering during worship services as needed, and 
  • transporting and escorting invited guests.
Learn more below and join the Hospitality Team today!


Men's Ministry is open to adult males ages 18 and above.
Men's Ministry is dedicated to providing MINISTRY TO MEN BY MEN.
Member and non-member men are invited to fellowship, connect, encourage, have fun, and share with each other in an atmosphere that affirms Christ and true brotherhood.
Learn more below.


Women's Ministry is open to adult females ages 18 and above.
Women's Ministry is dedicated to providing MINISTRY TO WOMEN BY WOMEN.
Member and non-member women are invited to fellowship, connect, encourage, have fun, and share with each other in an atmosphere that affirms Christ and true sisterhood.
Learn more below.