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The Dominion Story

The ministry of Dominion Fellowship Church was birthed on 2nd Sunday, February 10, 2008, through the vision of Pastor Derrick G. Jackson and the partnership of over 30 founding members. The new church was launched with the episcopal blessings of Bishop Derek T. Triplett, senior pastor of Hope Fellowship Church of Daytona Beach, Florida (the “mother” church). Dominion Fellowship Church was established to be a blessing to the Northeast Florida community with Flagler County as its main focus. God spoke to the heart of Pastor Jackson to help empower the community to "experience Dominion" in Jesus Christ. Sixteen (16) years and counting, the congregation of Dominion Fellowship Church is fulfilling this important mission.

Since its inception, Dominion Fellowship Church has launched the following ministries and auxiliaries: Ministers, Deacons, Elders Council, Music, Hospitality, Pulpit Support, New Members, ONE, Christian Education, Children, Youth, Young Adults, Intercessory Prayer, Fiscal Affairs (Finance), Events, Outreach, and Historian. Dominion has facilitated monthly Holy Communion services, weekly Sunday School, weekly Bible Study, and weekly Intercessory Prayer conference calls since 2008. Ministry events held include the Creativity Seminar, personal finance workshop, Back to School Bash, Friends and Family Days, Park Evangelism, annual church picnics, annual church and pastoral anniversaries, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebrations, Vacation Bible School, Children's Day, Revival services, Youth Days, Breast Cancer Awareness, Veterans Day celebration, Bible Bowl, Advent, Christmas celebrations, Resurrection Day (Easter) and Pentecost celebrations, Women's History Month celebrations, Christian Stewardship in Communications–VMO, Domestic Violence Awareness programs, minister training courses, Baptism at Flagler Beach, weddings, memorial services, and funerals.

Dominion Fellowship Church established its first community outreach initiative in December 2008, becoming a local food distribution site for Angel Food Ministries. This national food relief ministry, headquartered in Monroe, Georgia USA, sought to assist everyone with purchasing top-quality foods at a reduced price. In September 2011, Angel Food Ministries ceased its operations. Dominion Fellowship Church processed over 1,500 orders and distributed over 4,000 boxes of food during its partnership with Angel Food Ministries.

Dominion Fellowship Church continued its commitment to community outreach through a partnership with One Harvest Food Ministries, a regional food distribution ministry. One Harvest Food Ministries, based in Loganville, Georgia USA, is a non-profit, non-denominational, faith-based organization that is committed to helping American families, offering affordable family meal solutions. From 2011 to 2013, Dominion Fellowship Church donated multiple food boxes to local families in need and provided low-cost food boxes for purchase to area residents and local relief organizations. In June 2013, One Harvest Food Ministries ceased its operations in the Jacksonville and Central Florida areas.

Dominion Fellowship Church continues to provide food relief to local residents.

Since 2011, Dominion Fellowship Church has sponsored local fundraising teams for the annual Alzheimer's Association's "Walk To End Alzheimer's™" national awareness and fundraising campaign.

Dominion Fellowship Church has participated in various local community events, including Access Flagler First, Palm Coast Starlight Holiday Parades, and the African-American Cultural Society Kwanzaa Celebration. Dominion also sponsored the 2010 & 2012 African American History Celebration and Class Project Contests held at Rymfire Elementary School in Palm Coast. Dominion Fellowship Church ministry partners have included the following organizations: Hope Fellowship Church-Daytona Beach, Abundant Life Ministries-Hope House Inc., Palm Coast Bible Church, Restoring Hope Inc. (RHI), and Vision Ministries Outreach, Inc. (VMO).

Dominion Fellowship Church is dedicated to the community, donating charitable gifts and volunteer service each year to local nonprofit organizations. These local nonprofits include: Child Evangelism Fellowship (Bunnell ES), Family Life Center, Family Promise® of Flagler County, Flagler Habitat For Humanity, and local group homes for adolescents. During the 2020-2023 Covid-19 pandemic, Dominion Fellowship Church continued to serve the community through food relief outreach and volunteer services.

The relevant ministry of Dominion Fellowship Church has resulted in a number of people becoming Christian converts, receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. The nurturing environment of Dominion has resulted in more mature Christians and new, developing church leaders. Members and various ministry partners have sought to strengthen their family/personal relationships, continue their educational pursuits, and expand their careers as a result of the ministry they have received through Dominion Fellowship Church. In October 2009, the church licensed 5 ministers and ordained 2 ministers. The ministry also ordained 1 deacon in September 2010. In October 2012, the church licensed 4 new ministers and ordained 4 ministers. Three (3) new ministers were licensed in October 2015. Since 2017, the Dominion Fellowship Church congregation has engaged in and supported community outreach activities at local nursing homes, community parks, and neighborhoods.  

God is using Dominion, a loving church, to do great and mighty works for His glory. Dominion is working to become one of the most significant churches in the area, and it has only scratched the surface of what is to come as it positively impacts the community and helps build the Kingdom of God. Pray for Dominion Fellowship Church as the ministry invests its energy, efforts, and resources into bringing the vision to fruition.